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Smith Thompson Law LLP has extensive experience in representing people in cases of non-fatal motorcycle accidents and unfortunately, fatal motorcycle accidents. Sadly, the frequent cause of such accidents and collisions are typically negligent driving or distracted drivers operating other vehicles. The painful result is often head, neck, brain, spinal cord injuries, bone fractures, paralysis, and many more very serious outcomes. Any innocent victim of a motorcycle accident resulting in injury deserves the proper medical care and legal attention that ensures that victim is compensated for long-term injuries such as chronic pain, TMJ symptoms, arthritis, dizziness, and other serious disabilities. Smith Thompson’s personal injury lawyers in Edmonton collectively bring almost 40 years of experience settling accident claims. Our Motorcycle Accident Lawyers are motivated to bring you the settlement you need for your long-term pain and suffering.

Filing A Claim For Motorcycle Accidents Is Complicated

Smith Thompson’s professional motorcycle accident lawyers in Edmonton provide clients with thorough guidance from the very beginning of settlement negotiations, until full compensation has been reached. The process of filing a claim can be as stressful as the pain the accident has caused. Our motorcycle accident lawyers will work closely with you, managing all of the concerns you may have in your claim so you can concentrate on a full recovery.

Our dedicated personal injury lawyers in Edmonton work to ensure that clients collect the full compensation they deserve for their pain, suffering, and monetary strain. Following the impact of any personal injury caused by a motorcycle accident, Smith Thompson’s team can carry you through the process of recovering a full settlement that compensates for your financial losses.

Smith Thompson Provides Free Consultations

We understand the severity of a motorcycle accident, and the pain and stress it creates. That’s why we don’t charge victims for preliminary consultations involving motorcycle accidents. We feel it is important to meet, discuss your situation, and establish the best course of legal action for you to take. Obviously, your first step is contacting an established and experienced personal injury lawyer. At Smith Thompson’s Edmonton office, we have a knowledgeable team of professional personal injury lawyers who bring success in the matter of representing motorcycle accident victims.

Hire the Right Lawyer

Reaching out to a personal injury lawyer can immediately begin the process of collecting evidence, evaluating your injuries, and getting you the proper care needed. Taking these steps can spare you, and your family, a great deal of time and stress. Call Smith Thompson in Edmonton to speak with a personal injury lawyer if you or a love one has been involved in a serious motor vehicle accident.

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