Post Accident Tips For Injury Victims

Post Accident Tips For Injury Victims

If you, or a loved one, have been involved in a serious accident where you have been seriously injured, there can be a lot of confusion, panic, and adrenaline involved in the moment. This is to be expected.

While your safety and medical wellbeing are paramount, there are a number of things you can do to ensure your future filing for an injury claim goes smoothly. The following are a number of tips to consider if you, or a loved one, are in an accident situation.

Report The Accident To Local Authorities

If you are in a public or private setting where you have suffered a serious injury, it is ideal that you report the incident to the local police department. This is all the more important when involved in a situation where you have been assaulted or have been the victim of an individual’s blatant negligence (car accident, hit and run, knock down, etc.). If you are on a job site when the injury occurs it is also ideal to report the incident to your manager, supervisor, or safety officer through a means of recorded documentation (ie. email).

Get Contact Information From The Other Party

If you are a victim of a car accident, hit and run, or knock down incident it is important to collect any contact information you can from the negligent party. In the matter of a hit and run, a license plate number is crucial. It is also suggested that you collect contact information from bystanders who were witnesses to the event. Your personal injury lawyer will want to contact these individuals at a later time for statements and possibly testimony.

Speak To A Lawyer Before The Insurance Company Calls

In the days following an accident you may be compelled to contact your insurance company, or you may even be contacted by the other party’s insurance company, in their efforts to settle the matter quickly – for as little money as possible. The information you submit to these groups can be used against you in court and may have a negative impact on your settlement sum. It is advised that you contact a persona lawyer immediately following your accident to initiate a file and to let them handle all insurance communications and negotiations on your behalf.

Put It All On Record

When preparing for the process of a settlement negotiation it is important that your accident lawyer has full stock of your injuries, costs, loss of income, and additional damages. For this reason, keep a documented record of all medical appointments, receipts for medical care, transportation receipts, income statements, and other related expenses. These will be referred to when negotiating for your maximum compensation.

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