Minimum Wage in Alberta

Minimum Wage Standards in Alberta

How does the province of Alberta compare against other provinces when looking at minimum wage? Lower than you might expect. But this is an indicator to you as an employee in Alberta, the following hourly wages must be respected by those employing others. Except for certain industries and professions, most employees are also entitled to overtime pay. All overtime hours must be paid at the rate of at least one and half times (1.5 x) the employee’s regular wage rate. The basic overtime is all hours worked in excess of:

  • eight hours a day, or
  • 44 hours a week.

These minimum wages are the minimum hourly wage rates set by the provinces and territories in Canada for experienced adult workers.
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ProvinceGeneral WageMore Employment Standards
Alberta$9.75Alberta Human Services
BC$10.25B.C. Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training
Manitoba$10.25Manitoba Family Services and Labour
New Brunswick$10.00New Brunswick Employment Standards
Newfoundland$10.00Labour Relations Agency
NWT$10.00Education, Culture and Employment
Nova Scotia$10.15Labour and Advanced Education
Ontario$10.25Ministry of Labour
PEI$10.00Environment, Labour and Justice
Quebec$9.90Commission des normes du travail
Saskatchewan$9.50Saskatchewan Labour Standards