MacLean's Top Employers In Alberta

MacLean’s Top Employers In Alberta

Maclean’s Magazine released it’s “Top 50 Employers” issue this year, and Alberta did very well. 10 Alberta-based companies were represented on the list, out performing the national average per populous. The employment survey, conducted HR consultants Aon Hewitt, makes the point that Alberta provides some of the best working environments in the country.

PCL Constructors Inc.

PCL Constructors Inc., a construction and engineering firm based in Edmonton, has been on the list 14 years and this year comes in at number 42 of all employers in Canada.


MNP LLP finishes ninth in Alberta and 38th in Canada. The professional services firm is headquartered in Calgary and has made the list for six years.

Gibson Energy Inc.

Gibson Energy Inc., based in Calgary, is an energy firm that cracks the countdown for the first time this year and also comes in at number 26 in the country.

Davis Automotive Group

Davis Automotive Group, an auto sales firm based in Lethbridge, is new to the list this year and also cracks the top 20 across Canada, snagging the 17th spot nationally.

Concept Group

Concept Group, an energy services firm in Calgary, makes the list for the first time with a solid showing – coming sixth in Alberta and 13th in Canada.

Clark Builders

Clark Builders in Edmonton, a construction and engineering firm, comes in as the 12th best company to work for in Canada, apart from coming in fifth in Canada.

Canadian Western Bank

Canadian Western Bank in Edmonton is also the eighth best company to work for in Canada.

Bennett Jones LLP

Bennett Jones LLP, a legal services firm based out of Calgary, has become a mainstay on this list, appearing 13 times prior and finishing fifth in Canada and 3rd in Alberta.

ATB Financial Bank

ATB Financial, the perennial Alberta financial services firm based in Edmonton, comes third in Canada and second in Alberta.




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