Distracted Driving Laws In Alberta

Distracted Driving Laws Catch Drivers In Alberta

An Alberta man from Carstairs has been charged with watching a movie while driving his vehicle. Local authorities were alerted to the driver’s conduct after a complaint was called in that the driver of a blue Chrysler minivan was seen watching a movie on a laptop while driving the vehicle on Highway 2 near Carstairs, Alberta.

The driver admitted to the conduct behind the wheel, as officers were relieved that no one was injured. Jason Graw, the local sheriff who investigated the complaint, said “He didn’t really say why he was watching the movie but I think it’s just one of those things that he wanted to pass the time while he was driving,”

For Alberta police, this type of driving behaviour is disturbing, especially during times of the year when driving conditions can be very difficult and there are higher incidents caused by drunk driving. The 42-year-old male from Red Deer was issued a distracted driving ticket for $172.

Are You The Accident Victim Of A Reckless Driver In Alberta?

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