Classifying Skin Burn Injuries

Classifying The Severity Of Skin Burns

skin burn injury claims in albertaAny burn injury is painful, and should receive medical attention. However, there is a scale to the severity of a burn and its impact on a person’s physical and emotional quality of life. While less common than other injuries, burns can occur while working in dangerous industrial settings, kitchen operations, as well as serious car accidents. It should also be noted that burns do not always occur in the traditional fire sense. Chemical burns can be just as devastating for a victim, inflicting second and third degree burn damage.

The following are brief descriptions of the types of burns that can be suffered during an accident.

First Degree Burns

Often classified as ‘superficial burns’, injuries from first degree burns usually effect the top layer – also know as the epidermis. These burn injuries involve reddening of the skin, pain, minor blistering and edema. The healing period for first degree burns is typically 12-15 days without the need or medical attention.

Second Degree Burns

Also known as ‘partial thickness burns’, second degree burns directly effect the dermis layer of skin and cause significant pain and blistering, and permanent scarring. These burns do require medical attention to avoid infection and typically require 20-30 days for recovery.

Third Degree Burns

Third degree burns, or ‘full-thickness’ burns’, are severe in nature and not only effect the dermis, but can affect tissue as deep as the hypodermis. These burns are very serious, as they can damage muscle, bone, and subcutaneous fat. Such burns often result in permanent nerve damage, higher risks for infection, severe scarring and disfigurement, as well as the potential for restricted mobility for the victim. Treatment for third degree burns may involve surgery and involve a long-term rehabilitation plan.

Reaching A Settlement For Your Burn Injuries

If you have been the victim of negligence, and this has resulted in you suffering a serious burn, call our personal injury lawyers in Edmonton and let us represent your case in the negotiation process. Burn injuries can have a long-lasting impact on your physical quality of life, your emotional state, and your ability to earn a living to support your family. Let us hold the appropriate parties accountable, and get you the compensation that you need for a full recovery. Call us today to discuss your case, and how we can help.