Burn Injury Claims In Alberta

The Pain Of Burn Injuries Can Be Forever

Any time an accident victim suffers from a burn the experience is not only painful, but also takes a heavy emotional toll on the victim. In the case of injuries that involve second or third degree burns, victims can be left with severe scarring, disfigurement, and chronic pain. Not surprisingly, these types of injuries can have a direct impact on a person’s quality of life, and ability to earn a living.

Common Circumstances Surrounding Burn Injuries

If you work in a high-risk industrial setting, or a culinary / hospitality operation, the danger of fire can be a real safety concern. The scale and pace of your work operation can also contribute to a higher risk for accidents that involve fire and employees being burned.

Car accidents are another scenario that can easily lead to severe burn injuries. When there is a high impact collision between two vehicles, engine fires can occur and the integrity of the vehicles’ fuel tanks can easily accelerate the situation to a critical point.

Serious Burn Injuries Deserve The Maximum Compensation

Regardless of the circumstance, if there is a third party that is liable for your injuries, you are entitled to the maximum compensation for your pain, suffering and recovery. Rehabilitation from a major burn injury can require months in the hospital, preventing you from earning a living and supporting your family – possibly on a permanent basis.

If you, or a loved one, are coping with the pain of a second or third degree burn injury, you need a settlement that reflects the long-term plans and needs of your family. The physical and emotional costs are too great to be ignored. When facing such injuries you need a personal injury lawyer who has the resources and experience to negotiate on your behalf, getting you the maximum settlement you deserve.

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At Miller Thomson, our personal injury lawyers have long experience of representing clients seeking claims for serious burn injuries. We understand that there is no financial sum that can recover the permanent scarring and emotional damage caused from a second degree burn, or third degree burn. However, we can provide guidance and representation that can make your recovery, and the future plan of your family, easier. Call us today to discuss your circumstances, and how we can help.